Listen, dear reader, to Jonathan GPT Swift on satire, economics, religion, and his fascination with scatalogical themes.
Humans love challenges and competition, and that holds when we pick up books.
Ian Fleming, Roald Dahl, now Agatha Christie: "Sensitivity readers" have excised potentially offensive references in the Poirot and Miss Marple…
Like other provincial jesters, Slavoj Zizek expresses a studied naïveté toward culture and society.
Does placing human concerns at the center of society require displacing religious concerns?
Stanford’s Jo Boaler wants to revolutionize how math is taught.
Genealogies connect us with the past, but they are also contingent exercises in historical interpretation.
What does it take to get “roughed up” by Quakers? The relentless truth-telling and radical politics of Benjamin Lay were enough... more » “If the good…
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